photo by Cheyenne Arnold


I’m Katie, a twenty something designer living in Southern California. I graduated from Ohio State in 2016 with a bachelor’s of science in landscape architecture, and promptly moved to the West Coast 3 months after. West Coast Katie is the evolution of a once Midwest girl navigating her twenties in familiar and unfamiliar territory.

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve aspired to have a creative outlet to share with the world. I view creativity to be synonymous with that of vulnerability. And in the past, and I for see it happening again in the future, I’ve had a massive fear of being vulnerable with all of those who come across my website and its content.

This is my attempt to jump out of my comfort zone, and into a foreign space. I’m hoping for this to be as much of a candid, real, and raw space as humanly possible. I’m here to embrace the unknown and the known, the happy and the sad, the beautiful and the ugly. I’m not following any algorithm of success, but rather trusting my gut.

Let’s talk plants, food, design, travel, camping, zero waste and low impact lifestyles. Let’s have fun, discuss, share, and discover new things.









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