It’s been a while. Welcome back.

What is the month of January for if it’s not for new ventures, and beginnings?

I’ve set my ambitions high for 2018, and what I want to accomplish in this next week, month, and year.

To name a few:

1 | I’ve began the quest to live a plastic free life, with the hope it will then be a transition to #zerowaste life.

2 | I’m going to continue to work towards living a lifestyle that promotes my health, and wellness. From yoga, running, hiking, to cooking recipes that feed my soul.

3 | You guessed it. I’m going to blog.it.out. Life gets hard, and gets you down. And instead of using my time to solely spend on social media daydreaming about living the lives of instagram and pinterest celebrities, I want to be living life (good or bad) and sharing with it with all of you here. Right here.

So there it is. I’m going to share my life with you, as I see it.

Get ready.

– XO –

West Coast Katie



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