Why Wednesday

Reading about global warming and climate change is daunting, and straight up scary.

It’s difficult to read those stories and not feel completely hopeless. Glaciers are melting, polar bears are dying, the coral reef will be no more, wildfires are burning, hurricanes are hitting, it’s never ending. Or so it seems.

Upon educating myself on the topics of climate change, I began doing research on ways my daily habits and life directly impacted that of the environment. And sadly, I realized that how I live my life isn’t that sustainable.

Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition of Sustainability:

“of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged” 

Related to:

  • sustainable techniques
  • sustainable agriculture

That being said, being a busy 20 something, I would and still sometimes, choose convenience. Instead of making 1 or 2 trips to the market/grocery story every week to buy organic and fresh produce, I would buy bulk food in plastic containers, once a week. Instead of filling up my Klean Kanteen waterbottle at work, I’d grab a plastic water bottle out of the fridge.  Excuses are usually that I was “too busy” or “too broke”.

Well my “busy-ness” and “broke-ness” are creating a negative impact on the environment, and that’s something I want to change, and also share with you how I plan on doing just that.

Creating a Sustainable Life with Simple Swaps

I’ll be swapping out every day use items that aren’t sustainable for ones that are. I’m looking for smart strategies and items that are re-usable, decompostable, recyclable, and when possible- natural.

Here are some of the things I’ve been working on this month:

  • Remembering to bring my Klean Kanteen water bottle, or Hydroflask tumblr every where I go, to avoid buying drinks that come in 1x use plastic bottles and 1x use cups. In addition, I’ve stopped used Keurig cups, and have stuck to brewing my own coffee in a French press (psst coffee grounds make for great compost 🙂 )
        • Benefit(s): drinking more water, not using plastic, spending less money.
        • Click on the images below to purchase:

  • Remembering my own grocery bags.
    • Benefits: Less plastic used, fashionable item, and less money spent (In California, you have to pay extra to use a bag).

More on a sustainable life and simple swaps to come!

Also- the “featured image” is from this morning on the beach watching the Super Blue Blood Moon (holding said Hydroflask tumblr), and then witnessing another killer sunrise on the Pacific Ocean. Seeing nature showing off gives me an even bigger reason to help protect it.

Happy Why Wednesday, folks!


West Coast Katie





I haven’t been this sick since I got the stomach flu almost 2 years ago, and only ate a tablespoon of mashed potatoes once a day for 5 days. I got soooo sick my mommy drove 3 hours to my apartment to clean me and my bathroom up. Only way you’ll hear the rest of that story is if you so dare to come to my incubator of a house and drop off applesauce and ice cream.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. This flu started with going to the doctor because every inch of my body hurt, I was coughing up some nasty junk, and also couldn’t breathe. Only for them to test for the flu, by sticking a q-tip the size of a golf club so far up my nose, I swear it slapped my tear ducts silly. I was NOT crying, you were crying.

Forcing yourself to rest is just hard, when you’re as restless as I am. Watching the world continue to move as you lay lifeless on your bed or your couch is just difficult. I could dwell on the negatives of getting this flu all day long, because believe me, there is a laundry list. But instead I’m going to list what I’ve appreciated about having this flu (flipping this on its head):

1 | My ability to breathe everyday, all day. I’m going to strive to never take this little morsel of goodness for granted again. Not being able to breathe or sleep comfortably the past 5 days didn’t feel nice, and I often was wishing I was my earlier naive self running along the beach freely breathing and not fretting.

2 | Know when to rest. On Tuesday, I taught spin and then went to work a half day, only to be sent home. I fought it. I was worried about not having any sick time left, and worrying about work not getting done in time. I kept lying to myself and my coworkers about being “fine”. I was stifling my cough, and assuring everyone that I felt “totalllly ok”. When in actuality, my whole insides hurt, I couldn’t breathe, and I was sporting a 101 temperature. It was time, and although I didn’t want to rest, my bod had other plans in mind. Resting has been doing me good, in addition to medication, and dopey cough medicine. But rest, most importantly was needed. I don’t want to cheat my body for what it needs, even if it means sacrificing on other fronts.

3 | I’m reading again, and damn it feels funky fresh! I started the year off with “The Four Agreements” By: Don Miguel Ruiz. Easy read, and really great to acknowledge if you’re at a point in your life where you worry about a lot of things out of your control (like me). Next I’m picking up the “The Alchemist” By: Paulo Coelho, for a roommate/friends book club for the month of January. I’m thankful that I’ve been given time to rest, read, and recharge during this flu bug.

Click on the books to purchase on Amazon.

4 | This flu rocked my immune system, so once I feel “ok” enough to step out into public again, I’m going to be an immune boosting homie. I’m talking turmeric out of my ears, and vitamin C, and new supplements, anti-oxidants, and hydration stations! I’m going to use this flu as motivation to take care of myself. Maybe some new recipe action here on the blog?

I hope everyone else suffering from the flu bug is taking care of themselves, and is healing quickly- it’s nasty this year!

– XO –

West Coast Katie

West Coast Katie


It’s been a while. Welcome back.

What is the month of January for if it’s not for new ventures, and beginnings?

I’ve set my ambitions high for 2018, and what I want to accomplish in this next week, month, and year.

To name a few:

1 | I’ve began the quest to live a plastic free life, with the hope it will then be a transition to #zerowaste life.

2 | I’m going to continue to work towards living a lifestyle that promotes my health, and wellness. From yoga, running, hiking, to cooking recipes that feed my soul.

3 | You guessed it. I’m going to blog.it.out. Life gets hard, and gets you down. And instead of using my time to solely spend on social media daydreaming about living the lives of instagram and pinterest celebrities, I want to be living life (good or bad) and sharing with it with all of you here. Right here.

So there it is. I’m going to share my life with you, as I see it.

Get ready.

– XO –

West Coast Katie